I’ll Always Wear Your Ring, or, Why I Had a Good Day

I cannot tell you. If you know me well, you have some ideas, but I cannot tell you why I had a good day, or why what happened may be the key to more good days in the future. I cannot tell you because it is possible to get too excited about something and to completely ruin your chances by overlooking something, or misunderstanding the signs and putting your eggs in the basket before the chicken has even laid them.

I will tell you a story of a guy who I have come to appreciate for his body of work without even seeing the thing that made me aware he existed. That man is name Peter Capaldi.

Peter Capaldi wears his wedding ring in every single performance, regardless of whether or not his character is supposed to be married. He wears this because his wife was with him before be got his big break in the BBC. She supported and encouraged him and when he made it big, he vowed to always wear his wedding ring so that she would always know that he remembered that she was there.

Some of you were always there. Some of you weren’t. There were times when I gave a hundred and ten percent to you, which you forgot when it came time to even out the till. It’s in poor taste to keep score, but that doesn’t mean you won the game because I’ve chosen to put certain aspects of the past behind me. But just as I remember those of you who were not always there for me, I do remember those of you were there even when it wasn’t entirely convenient to do so.

For you, a ring will always be there where you can see it.


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