Peter Pan is Not Peter Pan if It’s Not Peter Pan

There was one last stop in Pourtsmouth, New Hampshire. This particular gentleman had an abundance of swords to the point where I wondered if I hadn’t inadvertently stumbled upon a fellow Highlander fan. When the tour of that house was over, John and I took a walk through a nearby park where we stumbled upon a stage rehearsal. SAM_0596

“Peter Pan,” I said, with a mixture of excitement and sadness that we wouldn’t get to see the actual performance.

We saw the stage before we noticed that a rehearsal was taking place.

“Do you think they’ll have someone flying?” John asked.

“Oh, definitely,” I said, pointing to the elaborate stage and gesturing to the squat brick building we had walked past earlier, where the local theater company held offices. “No self respecting theater troupe is going to stake it’s reputation one of the most beloved children’s plays and not have a Peter Pan and at least three other main characters flying

SAM_0584SAM_0587 (Not the stage in question, but taken from the park where the play was being held)

We took a walk around the park and as we were making our way back to the car, the actors were doing a rehearsal for “I’m Flying”. Sure enough, the guy playing Peter was flying all over the stage in a harness. John expressed concern that the three children, playing the Darlings, were going to be flying as well.

“Don’t worry,” I assured him. “Their parents wouldn’t have signed the waivers if this wasn’t 99% safe.”

Of course there was always something that could go wrong. But I had the feeling the kids seemed to know what they were doing and the stage managers seemed perfectly competent. This wasn’t your standard low budget high school play and Peter Pan isn’t the kind of thing you can go halfway on and expect to impress your audience.


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