A Funny Thing Happened Logging on to the Forum (2)

Sometimes I like to share my work with people on the forums I frequent, mainly because I’m a glutton for punishment. If it’s a forum I’ve been to with any frequency, the responses can range from constructive to outright insulting and I keep forgetting that these are people who are so cowed by the people they encounter daily that it’s often more of a pressure release to rip a knew one into the sides of people they will never encounter in real life.

So I posted the link to this video on a second rate paranormal forum. I say second rate, because there are maybe a handful of users there at any given time. When I initially logged onto it, I was hoping to find a paranormal group in my area to join up with that shared the same goals and ideals as the group I was working with when I lived in Burlington, Vermont.

This is the response from one forum goer and I offer you the disclaimer here and now that I have not altered anything “iTheblaze” said. You can even click the link to the forum thread to verify it, although I can’t promise that the forum admin won’t remove the thread. I’ll add the additional disclaimer that it is not my intention to provoke a flame war, but rather to call attention to this one specific person.

What profound incident happen in your life that convinced you that stand-up comedy was the road to follow? I want YOU to take a truthful look at the video you just made. Out of the 4 people in the audience, plus the camera-man, that’s 5, not one flat out laughed. The old man that looks like prophet might have snickered a little. Kinda hard to tell with all that beard. I see nothing wrong with having a hobby, I mean, you’re not hurting anybody. I feel something like this though, you gotta be born funny.

Alright, if someone doesn’t like my performance, fine. I can handle criticism when I have invited it, but the line is crossed when you make personal attacks against my life choices. This is especially hypocritical when you remember that I posted this on a paranormal forum.

So this a forum where people post their experiences and ask, “Is something haunting my house”? Usually there’s a down to Earth explanation for their experiences and it’s perfectly okay to say so. But I would never go so far as to try “analyzing” the person who made the post.

They even tried to “soften” the blow by telling me that they don’t see anything wrong with me having a hobby. But when people who actually perform comedy for a living have given me positive feedback, do you think that I’m going to settle for the little nugget of “positivity” that someone hiding behind an anonymous screen name threw me? Hell no.

Recently, the CEO of Reddit declared that the trolls are winning. That the war on trolls is futile. I disagree for one reason: There’s no a war between trolls and myself than there is a war between myself and the Indominous Rex. It’s an amazing animal that didn’t exist in the fossil record but was a destructive force to behold when you saw it on the screen. But at the end of the day, it was just a fictionalized version of a big scary creature created by someone sitting at a computer screen. That is all anyone’s online persona is.

I can accept criticism for my writing. I can accept that people won’t always agree with me. But forum users, I want YOU to take a truthful look at the bile you post: You’re not one in million, you are one of six billion. If a movie like Howard the Duck has fans than you can bet your ass that there will be people who continue to encourage my work, whether or not you approve.

Also, if you’re thinking of writing a scathing comment in response to this, feel free to do so. Just remember that your response still counts as a hit to my blog and I will have won the battle of wits based on that alone. Enjoy.


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