A Funny Thing Happened Logging on to the Forum (3)

Not that it’s going to help, but to prove to you that I can accept an appropriate level of criticism, I turn you attention to the British Comedy Guide. Because if anyone has nailed comedy, it is definitely the good men and women of the United Kingdom.

This forum hosts people from all over the world in varying stages of their own professional careers in comedy, be it stand-up, improv, live and in person, or just funny on paper. Some of the members can boast successful careers both on stage and on the screen and others are just testing the waters. While the advice can be critical and sometimes harsh, it is always given with the spirit of helping someone improve. So for those who accuse me of not having a thick skinned, take note of the replies that some of the British Comedy Guide members gave to the same Open Mic video that I posted on the Second Rate Paranormal forum.

Sootyj is a comic with an impressive history, as can be proven if you take a look at his website and resume: http://bespokejokebloke.co.uk/

His reply was short and to the point.

Youre styles good

But 2 minutes in your one joke was cds reassemble frisbeez, that’s pretty weak sauce

Note how his critique was only about the performance. See the subtle way he chose not to make a personal attack on my entire life choices, as opposed to itheblaze, who felt the need to give me a “Good Talking To” in his response to the same video. (If you haven’t read the previous post where I quoted itheblaze, please click on the link above so that I don’t have to repeat myself)

And it made sense. From a stand-up comedy perspective, even I knew the story itself wouldn’t fly over in at the open mic in Fran’s, or at the Tavern at The End of the World. Further down in that same thread, another poster gave me advice about who I could study in the comedy world that would be more in line with the style I was going for in the spirits of helping me improve the set.

This is another far cry from the people on Talk Paranormal, who are far more prone to bullying behavior than you would expect on a forum that is geared towards helping people who may or may not be experiencing paranormal phenomenon. I mean, just look at the thread in the previous post again and go to the website. If that’s how they treated me just for posting something they didn’t like, would you be comfortable trusting them with a story that might earn you the same amount of ridicule in any other setting? I hope not.

So in closing, I want to thank the members of the British Comedy Guide for proving that my choice to post my work online was not a complete mistake and that functional adults using the Internet is not just a tale of the supernatural.


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