Progressively Slower

If writing the story took long, finding an editor is taking even longer. I had one hopeful prospect, but a comment she made in her e-mail gave me doubts. Let’s just say that it smacks in part of the lip service I have recently denounced. To be fair, maybe she thinks my offer of doing her a favor in return, IE: any much needed chores around her house, is equally superfluous, but then ambiguously offering payment of any kind is always going to be questionable and at least I’m offering something I can actually do.

This is one of those times when it becomes frustrating, relying on anyone, especially when there is only one thing you need from them. I certainly don’t expect them to make me a priority, but the deadline this person gave me was the end of summer. Well, that would be fine if I had any actual assurance of their abilities, but the fact that she said, “From what I’ve read, it doesn’t need much editing”.

It doesn’t tell me if she read the story itself, or if she’s going off of my blog, or if she genuinely has a professional belief that my story doesn’t need a lot of editing.

I won’t rule her out right away, but I think she’s going to be an example of the basket that I’m not placing all of my eggs in.


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