Only Lovers Left Alive ~ A Super Short Review

There are movies that I inevitably wind up defending with my life, violently, if necessary. Only Lovers Left Alive is now one of those films.

Starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleton, Adam and Eve are two vampires who live on opposite ends of the world but are husband and wife to one another. Eve is closer to 5,000 years old whereas Adam is a more recent vintage and both characters have a fair amount of respect for life and accomplishment, even if Adam is suffering what appears to be an existential midlife crisis of sorts.

The reason I know I’ll end up defending the movie later on is that this is not two hours worth of “vampire porn”. By that I mean, this is no Twilight, but it’s not Lost Boys either. This is very much a vampire film for adults that is heavier on the story and the character studies and the nighttime scenery (It actually made me want to visit Detroit at night and if that’s not a glowing testimony, I don’t know what is) than it is on the action. Even when I was afraid that it would go to a very predictable end, I was pleasantly surprised when the story’s only real antagonist is simply told to leave and does.

What we really end up seeing is a story about two people who only want to get as much out of the time they’re given as possible, even if that amount of time is slightly more than the rest of us get.


2 thoughts on “Only Lovers Left Alive ~ A Super Short Review

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