A Dog’s Perspective

Last night was a reminder that sometimes I don’t always consider things from another’s point of view. As you may have read, Dickens is John’s fourteen year-old cockerspaniel that I have begun assuming responsibility for.

John and I are not usually up that late. By 10:30 we’re usually fast asleep and Dickens is either on the floor in the bathroom, or in the hall between our rooms, or under John’s bed. Last night was different because I was watching two really good episodes of Dog and Beth: On The Hunt. During one of the commercial breaks, I came up stairs to try and get Dickens to go outside and he gave me a look like, “Who the hell are you?”

I didn’t register this until later, so I put my hands out like I do whenever I have a treat that I want him to sniff at, because that usually gets him to follow me. (I give him the treat later, relax) At first, Dickens got up and walked away from me. So I tried getting closer and he barked and snapped at me.

Of course I was a little shaken, because he has never done that to me, ever. I gave him his space and it wasn’t until a few minutes later that I realized what happened.

Dickens wasn’t expecting anyone to be downstairs. As far he was concerned, I was a complete stranger and it threw him off when he saw me come up to get him. He recognized me the second time when I came up and there were no problems. But it was my fault for not taking his perspective into account in the first place.


2 thoughts on “A Dog’s Perspective

  1. Mrs Hughes

    Curious. Guess things look different out of context to animals as well as people. Watch yeR fingertips🙆✨

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