Now Comes the Hard Part

Because there are times when it’s clear that I can’t sell a boat to a drowning man. A lot of the times, the man isn’t even swimming. He’s at the beach and he sees me coming, then he runs head long into the water and takes a deep breath.

Until the Smashwords vetters review Survive by the Sword and approve it for the premium catalog, my only option is to try to market the book from Smashwords.

So it’s a challenge. Because to buy something, you usually have to open an account at a website. That is the nature of shopping in this century. There are very few places you can go to buy something from the Internet that don’t require the exchange of some kind of identifying information. And even if you pay with good old fashioned money order, with a PO Box on the return slip, that’s still giving away information about yourself like your general location. Oh, and you need your personal information to get a PO Box, because post offices are picky like that.

But I understand that people might not want to open account with Smashwords, or with a site they’re just not familiar with. I also can’t let that excuse be the reason that I don’t continue writing.

I’ve sold two copies of my story in the opening week and that’s a win. People will only see the number and use that to lambaste me, but I’ve carried on longer with causes that had less of a chance and the negativity of others didn’t stop me then. Why would I let them stop me now?


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