Because Traditions are Traditions

Traditionally, I have always tried to have at least one post on the first of the month. Call it a tone setter, if you will. But I think of it as no small coincidence that I happened to witness a bit of soap box extremism at the CVS this morning.

There was a customer, a slightly older woman, who was asking for an expert opinion of Five Hour Energy. The cashier was a tall woman who started there fairly recently. I overheard this exchange. This is not verbatim.

Cashier: Five Hour Energy drink is dangerous.

Customer: Oh, is that why it’s behind the counter, because it’s dangerous?

I should note right now that the Five-Hour energy is above the Enfamil. It’s not there because it’s dangerous, it’s there because CVS has problems with shoplifters and Five Hour is

Cashier: Yeah, my sister drank this all day once and it increased her anxiety and made her heart almost pop out of her chest.

Customer: But it has nutrients. That is so misleading.

At this time I was waiting to make my own purchases and doing a phenomenal job of not calling the cashier out on her BS. The customer turned to me and said, “Do you drink this?”

Me: I’d better not throw in an opinion here.

That was this morning. And between the last time I posted and now, there have certainly been things of worth to note, but I have been so focused on writing second book of a series that the primary focus of this particular blog is not the first thing on my mind anymore. That doesn’t mean there won’t be things to complain about, so don’t give up on Confessions. But do be sure to subscribe to my new blog, which I will be starting sometime in December called, “The Salem Author from Bennington.”

And between now and then, go to to download a sample chapter of Survive by the Sword. You can also go to Barnes and, or Inktera. Buy the full copy and review and rate me, so that I have more incentive to focus on writing fiction, instead of complaining about the real life failures of humanity.


2 thoughts on “Because Traditions are Traditions

  1. Leigh Anderson

    “Me: I’d better not throw in an opinion here.”
    Why not? You had one and the customer asked you for it. The cashier was wrong. I’m not a big fan of energy drinks, but they can be useful in certain circumstances. I travel internationally quite a bit so I use them to help me get adjusted to a new time zone.

    1. Nathanielle Sean Crawford Post author

      I don’t actually work at CVS, so she wasn’t my customer as such. But the reason I didn’t throw my hand in was because I didn’t feel I could do it diplomatically. The cashier was using an extreme viewpoint, and as much as I sympathized with the customer for being fed the wrong information, and if I chimed in with my two cents, I just wouldn’t have been able to do it without making it extremely uncomfortable to go in there again.

      It’s a situation where I had to pick my battles and in this instance, it just wasn’t my battle. Let the cashier’s zealotry bite her in the ass in her own time.


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