What Better Way to Start the Month


In keeping with my tradition of making one post per month, I could think of no better way to begin October than with a bowl of Count Chocula.

Today, I will also be writing the very first post of my author’s blog: The Salem Author From Bennington, so please be sure to check it out and give it all the love you give Confessions. The main difference between this one and that, is that I will be doing far less complaining. Not that there won’t be songs to complain about, but I feel that Confessions is the perfect repository for all of my criticisms of the status quo, and the Author’s blog is more about marketing myself than sharing my bitter vitriol.

October is starting off on an uneasy foot for must of us, especially if we live along the coast where Hurricane Joaquin is set to make it’s journey. I feel sorry for the droves of school children who will be forced to spell it over the next couple of weeks. but mostly I hope that everyone gets out of this unscathed.

Also keep an eye out on this blog for updates on my tarot readings, as I will be hopefully doing those very soon during the month of October.


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