Maybe We Don’t Have a Hoverboard Yet

Gee, I wonder what this post is inspired by.

Back to the Future Part 2 was probably the most watched movie in my house. At least my parents preferred that to the other movie I watched a lot: Terminator 2.

What I think is important to remember is that Back to the Future was not a prediction of things to come. Like most stories about the future, it certainly projected a lot of things based on the predictions of the day, but ultimately it was one man’s fantasy. I’m going to discuss more of this in my other blog. Here, I want to remind everyone that even if we don’t have the hover board and the power laces, there are some other great things that we do have now.

Maybe our cars can’t fly. But they do come with features that protect us during a crash, and help us get to where we want to go safely and efficiently.

Maybe we don’t have hover boards, but we have phones that allow us to watch movies, pay bills, communicate with friends in other parts of the world, and allow us to actually see the International Space Station.

Maybe Max Speilberg didn’t produce Jaws 18, or whatever, but we can see Great White in 3D, on an IMAX sized screen.

The future is here and it’s pretty cool. Sure there are problems now, but there were just as many problems in the 80’s, and it didn’t stop us from waking up the next morning. And I don’t know about my readers, but even if Doc Brown doesn’t pull up outside of my house and offer me a lift, I’m content to arrive in the future in my own time by waking up tomorrow.


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