What Are you Waiting For, Boston?

I don’t usually do politically charged posts, but what the hell? Boston is also planning to raise the legal purchasing age for Tobacco products to 21. And as always, the main response is, “What, so an 18 year-old can vote and die for his country, but he can’t smoke?”

Right, couple of things. Unless that 18 year-old is wearing Army fatigues, or currently in basic training, he isn’t fighting for shit. And yes, he can vote, so that means he has ample opportunity to get his entitled ass down to Beacon Hill and vote against this bill so he can smoke his tiny little brains out.

I for one have nothing against raising the smoking age to 21, because I know for a fact that it won’t stop anyone from actually lighting up, regardless of their age. But it would be especially interesting to actually see if the people in charge of enforcing the law actually bother to check ID’s and write the tickets.


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