This Peppermint Winter is so Sugar Sweet

If I ever break the tradition of writing a new post on the first of every month, it certainly won’t be on the first day of the month in which I was born.

The title is inspired by Owl City’s Peppermint Winter, which is a song that reminds me of the things I love most about winter. Going forward with that thought, it also reminds me to hold the things that are important to me close to my heart.

2015 has not been the easiest year by a long shot. But it was a year many of us looked forward to, I think in part because of Back to the Future Part 2. We all waited with anticipation, wondering what company would give us the hover board, the power laces, and self drying coats. Would kids be wearing their clothes inside out?

Even if we didn’t get all of that, it was a testimonial to the power that art and stories have over a generation. Whatever else Robert Zemeckis had done with the Back to the Future trilogy, whatever mistakes critics will continue to point out, the things that mattered were always important to people; the idea of a future where all of our dreams were possible.

As some of us end the year on a sad note, I hope we will continue to be inspired by that which gives us hope. There will always be someone out there who perpetuates negativity and fuels angry emotions, but there are also people who are working just as hard to create bright memories and fuel creativity.

I hope that when people are clicking through the archives of my blog, that they don’t see me as someone who promotes negativity. Rather, I hope they see a person who has named the negativity for what it is, but is not allowing it to stifle the things that matter most to him.


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