All Alone I Fall to Pieces

What do “Fall to Pieces”, “Missing Cleveland”, and “Sour Girl” have in common? They are all songs I love listening to, but I never knew the name of the man behind the microphone. Recently, Scott Weiland passed away. But without even knowing who he was, my world was a little brighter because of his efforts.

We simply have no way of knowing how we effect the people in our lives. Equally, we have no way of knowing how everyone effects us. For all I know, the people who died in California, Colorado, and Paris may have made my life better without me even knowing it.

Not that I want to think of my own death with any great effort, but I hope that in the final equation I made people I don’t even know a little happier for all that I tried to accomplish with my life.

I hope that whatever happens in the world over the next few years, that the things that we remember are the times when we were Supermen (women, transgendered), even when looks were deceiving.


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