A Party Shouldn’t Be Work

A party becomes more like a shift at work when you have to start making excuses to go or to not go. If you have to tell yourself that you’re only going so that you won’t be “fired” from the group, then perhaps the group isn’t working out for you.

I want to like these people in my writer’s group and I want to get along with them. But for a few weeks, there was this long e-mail chain in regards to a Yankee Swap that made me uncomfortable, because I can’t afford to blow any of the money I have on a gift. At the end of the exchange, the hostess amended her initial e-mail and said that it was okay to just re-gift something, but the whole thing left me so stressed out that I actually skipped a meeting to go do something at the Salem Armory.

The party is today. But I don’t know if I want to go now. My dilemma is that my turn is coming up for them to read and comment on one of my stories, but if I don’t go to the party, will they put the same amount of effort that I have put into theirs


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