Confronting My Accuser

It was a slow morning at the Salem Public Library. There I was, minding my own business, writing about how Obama is not a terrorist plant, when the librarian says, “Sir, you’re talking too loudly.”

“I’m not talking to anyone,” I replied, confused by the accusation.

“No, you’re not talking to anyone, but you are talking too loudly,” she said, smugly.

Uh… what?

“I haven’t said one word.”

“Yes, you have, and you need to keep it down.”

At this point, I have no clue what to say to this woman. It’s impossible to prove I wasn’t talking just as it is for her to prove that I was. The difference being that this woman can make my life harder, owing to her position and to the fact that she’s surrounded by supporters. (None of her coworkers came to her defense, but they didn’t discourage her either)

Keep in mind that this was a slow day. That is to say that there was only one other person on the computers, and he was sitting behind me. Isn’t it funny how this woman “hears voices” coming from my direction, and doesn’t confront the guy behind me?

If you’ve kept up with my blog, you know that I’m quite vocal about my displeasure with some of the employees in certain libraries within the North of Boston Library Exchange. There are still stories I haven’t shared with you, faithful reader, and I’m beginning to think that a nice little collection of those tales released to the general public, might be a good idea.


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