Obama Is Not a Plant

Before doing a post like this, I have to consult my spirit guides, because I know it’s going to stir a hornet’s nest among those of my little social circle.

“But we’re entitled to our opinion!” the masses will wail.

True. You’re entitled to your wrong, uneducated, and completely unfounded opinion. But I am not. This is in retaliation for having to listen to the baseless and most libelous allegation since “Bush planned 9/11, he made the levy of Ward 5 break, and he also fired the shot that killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, probably.”

See, I’m not just defending Obama. Because as much as my blood might boil when I hear the ramblings of newscasters from the political bloodhounds of both sides, at least the person who has earned their degree in journalism has more credibility than some Facebook commenter who can only ape the opinions he has heard. And every president, going all the way back to Washington, has had some equally asinine rumors spread about them as often happens in a country where we are free to share our ignorance.

Okay, that’s not entirely fair. I’m sure some people do genuinely believe that our Commander-and-Chief is a Muslim spy, or what have you. Maybe they have a sound pool of reasoning to draw from, I don’t know. So I’m not going to go on record as calling everyone who spouts this opinion an idiot. Instead, I’m going to throw a little spotlight of common sense onto to the proceedings.

It’s not an educated view to say that no one has ever infiltrated America. Two Russian sleeper agents were discovered not too long ago, so it’s at least plausible to think that enemies have inserted their own people into our government at one point or another. Is it plausible to believe that one such agent could make it all the way to the presidency? Maybe. But then why put someone in the White House that stands out like a sore thumb?

Obama is the first African-American to ever be elected as president. This was a major historical event – probably one of the biggest events in the second decade of the 21st century. If you were some enemy organization who wanted to infiltrate our highest office, how stupid would you have to be to place someone who is so distinctive?  Someone that no one could possibly forget, because of how unique he is?

This is not a racist viewpoint, it’s common sense. The whole idea of spying and infiltrating is to blend in with your surroundings so that no one notices you. And you, faithful reader, and I still know people who will announce a person’s skin color, ethnicity, or physical appearance with the enthusiasm of someone who has just translated the Voynich manuscript.

Also, if there is one person who is more heavily monitored than any other person on the planet, it is the guy who can’t even carry his own smartphone for security reasons. Obama had to borrow a staff member’s phone to take a selfie with Bear Grylls recently. And the Secretary of State can’t even have her own private e-mail server without facing an 11-hour inquiry, so you can bet that a close member of the president’s security detail isn’t going to risk facing the chopping block either.


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