Downton Abbey Season 6, Part One; Extended Scene

This goes without saying, but, Spoiler Alert. Also, Rated PG-13 for some sexual humor.

Scene: Mary’s bedroom. Mrs. Hughes escorts Rita Bevan into the bedroom and leaves shortly after.

Rita: So, have you thought about my proposition?

Mary: Yes and my answer is the same. You’re not the first person to try and blackmail me, but if you want to be the first woman to screw me, you’d best get in line for that, too.

Rita: You think you’re so clever. But your time is almost up.

Mary: Duh, it’s the final season.

Rita: That’s not what I meant! I mean it’s time for the working classes to finally rise up while you aristocrats are going down.

Mary’s about to say something when Anna enters the room.

Mary: Ah, Anna, this is the woman I was telling you about.

Anna gets into Rita’s face, startling her.

Anna: Oh really? Well I helped you remove a body from this room once before, and I’m all for doing it again, milady.

Mary: That won’t be necessary. (To Rita) But she’s right. And I seduced that man. I don’t even like you.

Rita: (gulping) I’ll, just, show myself the door.


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