A Funny Thing Happened Logging on to the Forum (3)

The Highlander forum has died. That’s ironic, but moving on. I use to be an active participant in the forum, and it wasn’t just because I loved Highlander.

The forum boasted a talent pool of film makers, writers, artists, and people who actually made swords in their very own workshops. I discovered The Hunted when someone posted their video there. And as a result, I later met Mark and Ned who inspired the character Nicodemus Dean. So really, I credit the Highlander forum for some of the most amazing moments in my life, thus far.

Unfortunately, like most forums, this one was mired by a lot of uptight snobs.  These are people who would actually look down on you for discussing something related to Highlander, flat out belittling posters for wanting to explore aspects of, you know, the show the forum existed for.

I stopped going there all together a couple years ago. But recently, it came to my attention that the forum outright died. You can still get to the website, but you won’t be able to open up an account or interact. It’s basically just a piece of paper at this stage.

But two of the people who frequented the site are on my friends list. They are fellow writers and we have shared a mutually respectful relationship. And I suspect it is how one board member found my Facebook account.

At first I didn’t know who it was that was sending me a friends request. His profile page was written in a different language. So for all I knew, it was some spammer. Since he didn’t send me any message with his request, and I didn’t find his name in any of my groups, I promptly deleted his request and blocked the user.

Then he sent me a message, which somehow got through the blocking. Don’t ask me how. But when I realized who it was, I said, okay, why not. And I accepted him.

Almost immediately, he starts talking about a tarot reading I had given him. Okay, fair enough, I did a lot of those. And I’m not opposed to people thanking me if they appreciated the reading, which he did. But I made it very clear that I wasn’t doing those anymore and that I had placed the whole thing behind me.

Even after this, he asked if I would do one for him again.

So, great display of listening skills right out of the gate. Experience has already taught me that if I give him one now, he’ll only want more. so I tried to explain to him once again that I no longer do readings for people as they are emotionally draining, with little reward.

So he proceeded with the flattery. I was so accurate. He was skeptical, but surprised by my accuracy and so forth.

Well, he seemed to be genuinely asking me for help. So I gave him this caveat. I told him I would do this one reading for him but that I would not be on tap. He seemed to accept this term and I asked him what he was after. As always, I asked him to give me the least amount of information.

He proceeded to give me a paragraph or more. I told him to stop and reminded him that I work on very little information.  He seemed surprised, as if he had not been so moved by my “accurate” reading that he would have remembered the fact that I would have asked him the same thing back then.

So he dropped it, as I asked him. I told him I would read the cards and give him his answer the next day. He kept talking about the reading. I told him to stop.

Then he asked me why I left the Highlander Boards. I was frank in telling him, since I didn’t feel any worry that I would get some kind of social backlash. But I didn’t name specific people who had upset me because, frankly, I had put them out of my mind. I told him that this was something else I had placed behind me and that I no longer wished to discuss this.

He kept taking about it though. I asked him again, firmly, please drop the subject.

He then said, “I just hope it wasn’t me who drove you away.”

At that point I realized that he wasn’t going to listen to me. He made his regard for my feelings very clear, so I removed him from my list and permanently blocked him once more.

Maybe now people will realize that I’m serious when I set simple boundaries.


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