Something Vexes Thee, Metatron?

I know it’s not fair to act like the death of someone well known is sadder than the death of someone the world deems less important. To quote the Doctor, “I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.”

To that end, I have broken with my vow today to honor the passing of Alan Rickman.

Here was a man who spent a lot of time in and out of my DVD player or VCR. Whether it was battling Kevin Costner in Robin Hood, or speaking on behalf of God in Dogma, Alan Rickman made a lot of people very happy. Yes, a lot of people who are just as important as Alan Rickman and David Bowie, were made happier by the lives of these two men.

The stage is an emptier place now that both of these men have taken their bows. But in their wake lies a world of promise and raw talent that has yet to be discovered. I can only hope that I make as much of a mark on the world as they have.


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