Lets Dance (A political post)

Thanks to the power of Youtube, you can see what I’m talking about before I’ve even ranted about it.

This isn’t even a legitimate rant, so much as a commentary about how easily the jokes write themselves. In fact, if I were the sort of person to jump into the political arena from the stage, I’m sure I could write a whole ten minute’s worth of material about this very ad.

In the “weather vain” ad, Marco Rubio is compared to a weather vain. Seen here, the metaphor is taken to the logical extreme by having his image pointing outward and blowing around in the wind. Before your mind even goes to the gutter, just remember, I went there too – but only after I saw the end of the ad.

Jeb Bush’s face planted on a big freight train. Underneath his picture is the slogan, “You always know where he stands”.

I just imagine the alternate ending of that commercial involving the train running headlong into Capitol Hill, with the tagline, “No one in America will be able to walk upright when Bush gets done with them.”

The thing to keep in mind is that this ad was written and paid for by a group called “Right to Rise”. As if the name isn’t suggestive enough, you can’t accuse me of having a perverted mind without realizing that someone who had the final say in the cut of this ad probably wasn’t too far off.


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