The Big Snowy Elephant In the Room

Maybe you’re from a community that uses a similar system. I know Gloucester uses bags similar to what you will see in this video. Theirs are purple, but I still believe that means that they have a similar trash removal service. So if you’re from that area, or you have a similar program going on, please feel free to chime in with your advice and your suggestions.

Bonus points if you actually make and post a video of your home and how you and your neighbors handle trash day and the nastiest of weather.

But the usual troll warnings are in place.

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One thought on “The Big Snowy Elephant In the Room

  1. melswiggins

    Being from Charleston, SC, I can only sympathize. (However, I do have family in Swansea, MA—of which I never visit this time of year—so I can sympathize with emphasis!) Charleston has had these trash/recycle barrels since…well, I don’t remember a time we didn’t have them. Since large plastic containers were invented, maybe? I’m not all that sure we’d know what to do with our garbage and recyclables if we didn’t have barrels to put it all in. The biggest issue here is making sure they don’t float away during floods. And by the way, it floods often enough here to justify a Venice, Jr. title. Your icicles are our, ‘Do we need to worry about raw sewage contamination?’ We use knee-high rain boots for safety and keep them near the door. My best advice: consider winter hardhats or helmets on winter trash days…and ‘personalize’ them however way you want!


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