That’s Right, I’m Doing Another Open Mic

So it’s the open mic I did on this action packed night. I’m going back there. Yeah, I needed a plan of recovery from the recent theft of my beloved coat.

The blog trolls will be out there, but I don’t care. I never let people stop me from doing things I enjoyed before, so why should I stop now. Besides, I’ve decided to take a new approach to this particular open mic, which is a general “written word” open mic.

I’m no poet. I’m not really cut out to be a comedian. I don’t have the ability to make people laugh at every single line and the nights where I get next to no response at all are not empowering enough for me to try again the next day. But I’m confident speaking in front of an audience, so I’m going through my archives and I’m picking out a few items of interest to refine and prepare for a five-to-ten minute set of time. I am returning to the Walnut Street Open Mic.

People will criticize. They will assume something, then they will assume their assumption is correct, project that assumption on to me, then they will criticize me based on their assumption as opposed to reality. But I will handle those people as they come.

Anonymous blog trolls will probably result. I bet some of them will even be there. Hey, you had to buy a coffee to be there, so the joke will be entirely on you.


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