Some Squirrel Tales Come For Small Packages

If haven’t been blogging so much, don’t worry. I’ve been obsessively working on a writing project and this is the best thing that could happen to me. There’s nothing like a story that you’re excited to write, because it means that you will be excited to read it. I’ll pretty much repeat this sentiment on the author’s blog, but in the meantime, let me tell you what I witnessed the other day.

On my street, two houses down, I was on my way into town when I saw a squirrel bolt from the porch. I thought this was odd at first until I saw a little blue package that had very telling teeth marks in one corner. The squirrel had just been getting started.

So, I knocked on the door. Nothing. I knocked on it again. Nothing.

I don’t know if this house is someone’s home, or if it’s one of the houses that have been broken down into condos by some real estate company, so I didn’t dare just try to open the door. But there was no door bell either.

The package was a nice one, with adorable little silver string wrapping it. It wasn’t hard to figure out that there was food inside, because squirrels aren’t usually so concerned about packages. And I can see by the neat handwriting that someone has left this here for a loved one.

I could have just gone about my day, but what a dick move that would be? How do I know the person for whom this package was intended would ever see their loved one again? Maybe this was a John Denver thing. But I also didn’t know what else to do, since a number of thefts have been occurring in and around the area where I live and someone might see me on the porch and call he cops.

Fortunately, on that very porch, is a large decorative pot with cute little branches sticking out of it and old decorative lights wrapped around them. I don’t think the squirrel will be that committed to the package.

So I did what I hoped panned out well for whoever the gift was intended for. I placed the package on the edge of the pot, because placing it further out of the squirrel’s reach wasn’t possible.


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