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An Oasis of Ignorance (NSFW and Trigger Warnings)

1: The Facebook post I am quoting is directly copied and pasted from the page of a woman I do not know. She was one of many posters in the Facebook Trends section regarding the South Dakota Transphobic Restroom bill. If Governor Dennis Daugaard passes the bell, transgender people would be required to use the restroom of their birth gender. The only exception to this would be a possible accommodation that would give transgender individuals access to a special restroom.

This particular woman made some sweeping comments I do not agree with. In the principal of not posting something you don’t want people to read, I have used her post as the central focus of this blog. I did not obtain her post through illicit or unethical means.

Also, I am not naming the poster in question, nor am I linking to her Facebook profile as I do not wish to make her the target of harassment as a result of her point of view.  You will just have to trust that I did not alter her post in anyway.

2: This post will contain links to news articles and past blog posts that will make reference to sexual assault and sexual offense. Also, some of the content of this post may be considered explicit or inappropriate for some audiences. You have been warned.

Here is the woman’s post, copied and pasted directly from her page. (I had already shared the post to include my response, as I was not able to comment directly in response to her)

I really do not care who disagrees with me on this. I just need to point out that the whole entire reason a boys room and a girls room were created separately was for safety, not for ‘phobic’ reasons. If you had a little girl who was very small, would you want her to share a gender-neutral bathroom at school with a boy who was bigger, probably stronger than her? I’m not even talking about the transgender kid, I’m talking about the kid who wasn’t taught to keep his hands to himself. Let’s be honest already. We live in a world where everything is friggen ‘phobic’ if you disagree with America’s trend, and I’m absolutely sick of it. If you’d wanna call me hateful for trying to protect my children, then so be it. I’ve never been much of a people pleaser anyway. I’d support this bill 100% and could care less if my child’s safety offends you.

P.S. No one can even be transgender until age 18, or so I thought? Correct me if I’m wrong though??

Where to I begin?

Lets start with this idea that only people who were born as men can be a danger to children. Nope. It looks like this is another equal opportunity offense. 

Not to get down on adults either. Because this woman implies that only a boy who was “bigger and stronger” than her daughter could be a threat. I feel like this woman would be less biased towards the male sex if she did a bit of research as opposed to living in a state of paranoia.

I don’t mean to be flippant about any potential danger threat towards children. But this woman has constructed a straw man argument that specifically targets the transgender community for no other reason than her own ignorant fear. There are definitely some creepy men out there and unfortunately, I’ve known at least one of them.

Readers may recall that I had a roommate who was charged with the statutory rape of a 14 year-old boy. Well, he was definitely a man, but I’m pretty sure that he is still happily in possession of his male genitalia. For that matter, most of the men who have committed sexual assault, probably aren’t confused about their gender at all, though I can’t claim to know for certain. It just seems that the statistics are in my favor there.

I doubt that a man is going to go through the intense physical, psychological, and least economically advantageous decision of gender-reassignment surgery just so he can have access to a restroom full of helpless little girls.


The One Dollar Library Post

The poor librarian at the Salem Public Library was in such a terrible position. She could not allow a single fax to be sent without one dollar. I had to listen to the patron pleading her case, rather politely, to this employee of the library that is so strapped for cash, that they were forced to sell this extremely expensive painting that had been sitting in the director’s office.

My god, what dire straights you must have been in, oh Salem Public Library. One dollar?

That’s okay. Fortunately, I had at least one dollar to donate to the patron who was just trying to send a fax.

The patron said, “God Bless You, sir.”

Boy, I sure hope the library recovers from it’s difficult financial slump. The one that apparently was so bad that they could still hire a contractor to do basic repairs of the property.

White Rabbit, Rabbit

The title post is an homage to the late Signe Toly Anderson if Jefferson Airplane/Starship. One of my favorite 80’s bands, their music was always a welcome addition to the soundtrack of my teen years.

It’s also appropriate enough since today was the first of a month and I tried to invoke the old good luck charm of saying, “Rabbit, Rabbit”. Allegedly this gives you good luck throughout the month if it’s the first thing you say, the moment you rise, on the first of the month.

No such luck. John and I had a fight.


I know every relationship has it’s  ups and downs and that this morning was definitely a down. Even Anne Robinson and Calico Jack had their troubles, but they really worked at it right up until the end.

Hopefully, our relationship doesn’t end in quite the same, dramatic fashion. But if it does, I can always claim pregnancy to avoid the noose.