White Rabbit, Rabbit

The title post is an homage to the late Signe Toly Anderson if Jefferson Airplane/Starship. One of my favorite 80’s bands, their music was always a welcome addition to the soundtrack of my teen years.

It’s also appropriate enough since today was the first of a month and I tried to invoke the old good luck charm of saying, “Rabbit, Rabbit”. Allegedly this gives you good luck throughout the month if it’s the first thing you say, the moment you rise, on the first of the month.

No such luck. John and I had a fight.


I know every relationship has it’s  ups and downs and that this morning was definitely a down. Even Anne Robinson and Calico Jack had their troubles, but they really worked at it right up until the end.

Hopefully, our relationship doesn’t end in quite the same, dramatic fashion. But if it does, I can always claim pregnancy to avoid the noose.


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