My First Town Meeting

Yesterday I participated in my very first town meeting. As some readers may be aware, they have recently declared Procter’s Ledge, off of Boston Street, to be the site where victims of The Witch Trials were hanged.

The topics of conversation mainly circled around whether or not to memorialize this site and how to go about doing it. The primary consensus among all of the townspeople present was that we would love it if Walgreens could just pack it’s bags and go. (Make note of this Walgreens, you’re encroaching on Hallowed Ground and we don’t appreciate it)

In seriousness though, the other main concern is of course having tourists and other “types” traipsing about on property that is shared by home owners as well as the Walgreens corporation. We definitely want to have it recognized as a national landmark, preferably with a stone plaque that marks the location of this terrible event. But what many of us, myself included, have suggested is having the area fenced in so that people can see it from a safe distance without disturbing the site.


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