Feel Free To Talk As Loudly As You Like

Here at the Salem Public Library, once again I’m finding a bizarre twist in the logic of how the computer are is run.

Please refer to the following posts for a recap.

This one. 

This one…

And definitely this one. 

One thing I do miss about my old stomping grounds was that the reference librarian at the Bennington Free Library had a very no-nonsense attitude about noise. Libraries are quiet places, no contest. She would remind you of this no matter how many times it took.

But the librarians of the Salem Public Library are as always selectively impaired when it comes to hearing people talking as loudly as if they were at a bus stop. But if they hear someone’s music coming from headphones of all things, they cannot tell you to turn it down fast enough.

Come on guys, I know you read this blog. You haven’t once felt any need to explain yourselves? Why is it okay for some people to be inconvenienced and not others? Why can’t you be a bit more consistent in your enforcement of the rules? Feel free to respond to any of my posts at anytime, because I know you’ll be begging people for donations soon enough. Or you’ll sell something else you have no right to even own.


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