You Can’t Start a Fire Without a Spark

And oh boy, CVS and probably a ton of other companies are holding the matches.

Today I saw, for the first time, a sale tag specifically announcing a sale as “App Only”. There was a cute little graphic of a device that I’m sure is meant to depict one of the many interwebs devices upon which such an app can be found.

What’s my problem, you ask?

Social Darwinism comes in many forms. It can be a change in policy that prevents people from getting services. Or, it can be a policy that says, “As long as you can afford this popular technological advancement that will allow you to use this particular service, no one else has the right to complain.”

I can already hear the complaints. The customers who are not satisfied with being told that the sale price isn’t for them, and I hear them taking out their frustrations on the cashiers who are only doing their jobs.

The cashier will suffer because the customer will naturally complain about this development in the surveys. The store’s numbers will drop and the cashiers and the store clerks will suffer from the unrealistic blame shifting that corporate will dump on them, and the budget for employee hours will fall and so some people will have to lose hours.

All of this will bite CVS in the ass as Walgreens slowly takes over Rite-Aid, which it is in the process of doing as I type this. The third largest drugstore chain, which also swallowed Brooks and Eckhards will no longer be with us, and they weren’t winning friends before the take-over.

Now CVS is embracing this idea of discriminating against people who are still using the most basic cellphones for the purposes of communication and not, gasp, everything else that the smartphones can do.


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