Wow, 20 days is Unruly

I can’t believe I let twenty days go by without a post.

Take it as a good sign, if you will, that nothing of interest has happened that was so annoying that I would want to post it.

On the other hand, it is effing hot in this library. I know they can afford air conditioning, because they could afford to keep the place as hot as a greenhouse all winter. Maybe I’m wrong, but it stands to reason that if they can do the one, they can do the opposite. Feel free to educate me if you know better.

By the way, Survive by the Sword is free for one year. Click on the link to find the coupon code and download the book, free of charge. Then read it and review it, and of you’re very lucky, I might read you some of my poetry as a way of saying thank you.


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