Aw, is Beverly Library Feeling Left Out?

I guess it’s not fair. Most of my writings thus far have been focused on either Salem or The Peabody Library in Danvers. With all of the attention they’re getting, it must make Beverly feel left out when I don’t acknowledge the ways they have gotten under my skin.

There was one instance not too long ago wherein I was just getting into the library after suffering from a massive case of the runs. Keep in mind that I don’t drive, and to get to this library, I have to cross a bridge from Salem. I was trying to drop a book off, but I  had to run to the restroom. Even after I explained this to the, ahem, professional at the desk, she still felt the need to have me bring the book to the little cubbyhole all the way at the other end of the desk.

But, this was so long ago, why dwell in the past?

Especially when I have something much newer to share that would better serve its purpose as the first blog in a new category of entries called, “Checked Out”.


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