Forge of Empires

Yeah, I started playing that. What can I say, those TV ads are so compelling and I figure whatever I do with my library time is fair game.

This isn’t the most substantive blog post for a 1st of the month post, so here’s a rehash of my feelings in regards to the transgender bathroom bill.

I’ve peed in the women’s room. I’ve encouraged women to go into the men’s room, after I emerged to see someone in desperate need of the restroom and I knew for a fact that the men’s room was either empty, or full of people who couldn’t care less if someone went in there to pee.

The idea that sexual predators will deliberately have their bodies altered in such a dramatic way, just so they can get access to your children, is stupid. It is so incredibly brainless that I honestly hope the apples fall far from your particular tree.


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