I Will Say This About Beverly Free Library

Generally, they’re a lot more observant than most of the librarians in the NOBLE network. They’re quicker to address loud talkers, cellphone users, and other such oddities that were not a problem in libraries a hundred or so years prior.

I wonder if librarians were allowed to assault rowdy patrons. I picture a time when the men and, well, men who ran the library were allowed to carry truncheons, with which to beat the crazy homeless people who would enter the building to use the bathroom and get warm. The upshot is, being a citizen of such a time, I would have been within my rights to carry a cane sword, or some similar means of defense and/or negotiation.

Unfortunately, some of the librarians are only observant twice a day. Kinda like a broken clock.

I had some pistachios. I have every intention of cleaning them up, just as I’ve thrown away the wrappers of every fiber and breakfast bar I’ve eaten at this library for the past year. People drink icy beverages in flimsy containers at these computers, but it was so adamant that the librarian in question remind me that food isn’t allowed in the library. People who have not seen a bar of soap in months handle the books and the newspapers in the mezzanine, and I don’t want to think about the journey some of the library materials have been on outside of the building.

But my pistachios are the problem.

I wonder what she would say if she read this post. 


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