A Record Number Of Readers Saves The Day

I wrote a follow up post about my experiences at the Beverly Library the other day. This post as laced with mean-spirited jabs at certain people within the institution in question, but I didn’t expect the post to attract so many readers.

I don’t why I’m suddenly so observant, when it didn’t bother me in the slightest to brag about my rather abrupt exit from The Single Mop Superstore and to subsequently defend myself to the mouthy trolls who judged my actions afterwards.

Could it be that while I have no problem squaring off with the librarians on their home turf I have no wish to be labeled an Internet Bully? I mean, I wouldn’t have mentioned them by name. But the nicknames and clever character descriptions would not have flattered them in the slightest, and they would undoubtedly recognize their own unique oddities no matter how I chose to dress them up.  In the context, I certainly wouldn’t be bullying any more than writers like Torey Hayden and Mary McCracken were bullies when they criticized the actions of their colleagues.

No, I think the reason I am choosing to stay my hand just now, is that I have no wish to alienate the readers who gave me a record number of hits yesterday.

Thank you readers. But just a fair warning, I kowtow to no one and will resume my spiteful critique of humanity in the very foreseeable future.  Today is my gift.

Although I will point out the oddity of a coffee cup in such a haphazard location, which likely contains something far more damaging to library materials than my measly handful of pistachios. (And the dozen or so fiber bars that I’ve also eaten at those very computers)



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