Butterbeer Comes in Threes

I was about to say bitterness. But I decided to end it on a more solid note, because the handful of reviews I’ve read about Remember Salem all involve the butter scotch soda they sell. People think it’s great that they can get butterscotch soda at Remember Salem, which would be amazing if that was the only place on Earth that they could buy it.

The Witch Museum right around the corner and Enchanted down on Derby Wharf all sell butterscotch soda. Quite a few shops probably sell it, because like the overpriced tie-in merchandise you can also find at Remember Salem (and K-mart, Walmart, Target, Hot Topic, Spencer’s Gifts, and everywhere that can order those very things from a catalog).

But if the butter scotch soda isn’t what you were hoping for, then look no further than the SAM_0923.JPG

where they will make you butterbeer from scratch, which is far more in keeping with the fictional beverage of the Harry Potter universe and only costs 2.50 for a small and 2.75 for a large.


2 thoughts on “Butterbeer Comes in Threes

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