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My Grandmother Loved She-ra

The last time I saw my grandmother before she passed away, we had taken her to see Beauty and the Beast. No other woman has shaped my views and my taste in television and movies more than she.

We watched a lot of TV at her house, but cartoons most of all.

Her favorite show was She-Ra; the twin sister of He-Man.

Ever since then, I have never been happy with a series that was essentially a “boys club”. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my drug of choice in high school. Highlander:The Raven showed me a bad-ass sword fighter in leather. The Underworld movies introduced a female-lead who doesn’t need to be rescued by her man. I don’t think I could ever have appreciated these things without the influence of a grandmother who loved She-Ra.

And this was all well before I knew anything about the Bechdal test.

Was my grandmother a feminist? I don’t know. But I think she would be honored by my recognizing her in this way.

A Campaign of My Own

I registered to vote for the first time in my life. This is a major step forward in my adult life, so naturally I’ve decided to launch a little campaign of my own: I’m raising money for my latest book cover.

If you can’t kick in a few dollars, or you don’t trust GoFundMe (you can also send me money through PayPal), just share the campaign on your social media and maybe your friends and family will be willing to throw in a couple bucks.

Thank you ahead of time.

Oh and, Vote for Hillary.

Is the Flag Half Mast?

There was a wedding in the Salem Common this morning. The flag in the Common is still half-mast, and it got me to thinking; would you want to get married when the flag is half-mast?

I could see it from two ways.

1: It would be a reminder that something terrible or sad happened, somewhere in the world, that directly affected our nation in a major way. The day you were married would forever be the anniversary of the thing that made us lower the flag in the first place.

2: As bad as things are, your wedding would be a reminder that good things can still happen.

What do you think, faithful reader? Would you have your wedding in a venue where a flag was at half mast? Tell me why, or why not in the commons.

In One Ear And…

What I Say: “John, I love you. I just wish that you could learn to stop focusing on the things you see as imperfections. You can’t love parts of people and throw the rest away. You would never respect me if I kept giving in to your constant attempts to alter me to your exact preferences because you would just keep finding things that you didn’t like. If you truly love me as a person, you will learn to tolerate or ignore the things you disapprove of and focus only on the positives.”

What John hears.

So Long Without a Post

23 days is really unruly. Is it because I haven’t had anything to complain about? Well, no. But more to the point, I’ve been throwing myself into writing, which is the only thing that can really keep me from posting.

Awhile back, I wrote and posted this short story.

Recently, it got a bunch of hits from the greater Russia area. I don’t know if it was the story about the salt trick, which I learned from this video (and put into practice before writing the story) or if it was the tale of a man who is the victim of unfair distribution of hours in retail.

Either way, I decided to repost that story on my author blog, and it’s been getting more and more hits every day. I’m as happy as the day I found out that Kim was going to be on this season of Naked and Afraid XL.