My Grandmother Loved She-ra

The last time I saw my grandmother before she passed away, we had taken her to see Beauty and the Beast. No other woman has shaped my views and my taste in television and movies more than she.

We watched a lot of TV at her house, but cartoons most of all.

Her favorite show was She-Ra; the twin sister of He-Man.

Ever since then, I have never been happy with a series that was essentially a “boys club”. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my drug of choice in high school. Highlander:The Raven showed me a bad-ass sword fighter in leather. The Underworld movies introduced a female-lead who doesn’t need to be rescued by her man. I don’t think I could ever have appreciated these things without the influence of a grandmother who loved She-Ra.

And this was all well before I knew anything about the Bechdal test.

Was my grandmother a feminist? I don’t know. But I think she would be honored by my recognizing her in this way.


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