The Salem Witch Trial

Shop owner and local celebrity Lorelei may yet be responsible for the first genuine Salem Witch Trial. Read the article, please. It will not only save me time, but you won’t be able to say I manipulated facts just to make a point.

Now that you’ve read the article (Boy, I just love the honor system) let me take you back in time to when Charlie Sheen had such a huge meltdown, it will continue to generate memes, forum signatures, and Twitter feeds for decades to come. During the course of this breakdown, Sheen made some comments in a radio interview that the Wiccan community blew out of proportion.

At the center of the Wiccan community was Christian Day, another local celebrity and respected business owner in Salem and New Orleans. He decided he was going to have a séance to help Mr. Sheen get through his period of darkness, and I’m fine with that. Everyone says a prayer or lights a candle for someone in the media once in a while. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t feel the need to tell our local Fox News station about it. At that point, especially when they posted copies of the website’s article in the windows of Hex and Omen, it stopped being about cleansing and healing and started being about publicity.

Lorelei is a close friend of Christian Day. Now if you’ve read the article (Honor system. Gotta love that honor system) you know that she apparently decided that she can order the Salem Police Department around. It’s funny, because I thought that was Chief Butler’s job, but apparently being a shop owner and being a big draw for tourists gives you some chutzpah. It would explain the behavior of other shop owners I could mention. The difference being that the police actually arrested her for causing a disturbance, after they asked her to knock it off, and she challenged them to do such.

Then, as she’s being “bodily” forced into the back of the car, she tells her friend and coworker, “Get this on video and send it to Fox News!” Oh, and she apparently had an asthma attack in the backseat of the car. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the shock of realizing that witches can only command people to do their bidding in the movies.

Instead of paying the $150 dollar fine for causing a disturbance, she has demanded that this be taken to trial.

I, for one, hope they rub her nose in it. (Which only be funny to you, if you read the article. Seriously, I posted the link, there’s no excuse at this point.)


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