What a Summer

These past three months have been eye opening. I supposed I should be grateful for now knowing where I stand, but in many ways it would be like suddenly finding out you’re allergic to peanuts after you’ve had peanut butter on toast for the past six years without incident; not a pleasant surprise but still one you can manage to live through. And who says you have to eat peanut butter to have fun with it?

But even after a punch to the gut such as I received, it’s nice to know I always have people that I can count on. All I ever want in life is for people to be consistent, and these people always have been.

For many of you, faithful readers, this is the start of a new academic year and some of you are facing uncertainty. Don’t be overwhelmed by the things you can’t control, because what’s on the other side of the storm is worth the weathering. And the people who dismiss and disrespect you will not be there. And even if it seems like they’re higher up than you, or have more power or more influence, or just have all of the cool toys, they wouldn’t last long without any of that and you can take strength from knowing you will earn all of that and more.

This month I will be finishing, polishing and editing the short stories I have been pounding out like a demon. A mix of fantasy, mystery, non-fiction, and some selections from my two blogs will be included along with a few pieces of flash fiction I wrote as writing prompts.

I want to give a big shout out to David and Lauren, who contributed to my book cover fund. There’s still plenty of time to go on over to Gofundme and throw in a couple of dollars. If you don’t feel comfortable going through Gofundme, you can also send money straight to my Paypal account at ncrawford82@hotmail.com, which is even better because then I won’t have to pay a processing fee.

Every cent donated goes towards paying the artist for the best book cover I can afford, and I’ve been to Premade Covers 4U and I’ve seen some really nice ones for less than a hundred. A cover is crucial if I want Smashwords to distribute the e-book through online retailers. I’ve been sniffing at the possibility of working with Amazon, but there are too many uncertainties that I’ve also been hearing about and I can’t take the risk with my work.

See you at the other end of September. October is around the corner and we all know what that means in the City of Peace.


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