A Dry Run to November

So the polls were surprisingly easy. Not rocket science by any means. But this was just a dinky State Primary and all our corner of the universe cared about was the Sheriff.

All of my single serving coworkers were great to spend eight hours with, and I hope I made a good impression on them. But my main concern is November. Should I take the training for that day? Should I risk wading through the most politically and emotionally charged presidential election of my lifetime?

People who sit behind their computers at a safe distance from all of the drama will quickly say, “yeah, man, take the paycheck.”

People who have actually paid attention to the media and live fairly close to me know what I’m talking about. Some people have had fairly civil discussions about what side of the coin they’re on, but there have been incidents.

The most recent one in Salem was the bombing of a newspaper box for an LGBTQ friendly newspaper called The Rainbow Times. The city rallied and replaced it to show solidarity but still, bombing. And they haven’t caught the people who did it because the city’s CCTV is not at the Jason Bourne quality required to actually be effective at night.

You can see why I’d be a little wary of spending eight hours behind the table, asking people what party they’re voting for.


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