Jim and Tim: You’re Just as Accountable as I

Tim Maguire, the owner of Remember Salem, is confused. He seems to remember a second incident when I was escorted from his store, but the police only have one record of such an incident. So clearly this was a case of mistaken identity, but he’s too far in now to back out. Maybe he things apologizing will make him seem weak?

I now know the name of the star of this post: James Jacobs.

James seems perfectly comfortable, threatening me with assault, in public, while tourists and potential customers are in earshot.

The police got involved once again, however this time, James must have been in the wrong because the responding officer gave me his name and encouraged me to file a complaint against the threats.

I won’t go into more detail here. But suffice it to say, the kid gloves are now off.

The shop owners in this town have come to think that they are royalty, above the law and free of judgment. You, or someone you love, may become a victim of one of their whims, and my intent here is to have a record of the incidents in question as protection to myself and to anyone who may plan their next visit to the “City of Peace”.

Businesses and industries have come and gone in Salem throughout the previous century. Remember Salem and all of the shop owners on Essex Street are no different and should take care to remember that.


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