Ghost Customer

I was at my favorite CVS this morning. All new cashiers and it was busy, because it’s the autumn in Salem and October is around the corner. But one of the slightly more experienced of the cashiers called for backup, as she should.

So I’m in line behind about twelve people and the cashiers just get them all done quickly and professionally. I tip my hats to them. But the third cashier whose name I did not catch, finished her last customer and as I was standing there, waiting for her to acknowledge me, or even just look up to see if there was another customer, I suddenly became invisible! Or, you would think I had to be invisible since she logged off of her register, put up her little sign, and went back to whatever she was doing before the rush hit.

The two other cashiers still had customers.

All I can say is the CVS on Essex Street in Salem, Massachusetts may have had a regime change recently, but I’m still a regular. The new cashier and I aren’t going to be friends, especially when I get the survey letter in my e-mail.


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