On the Next Episode of Remember Salem

I honestly don’t know what to think about this. To understand it, I need to post this link to my blog about the incident that happened in June. I’ve tried to put it behind me, but there’s another incident that happened recently. I’m sorry, I’m not spamming, I swear.


Now, after circling each other and essentially snapping and growling, the owner, Tim Maguire, sent me a friend request on Facebook allegedly claiming that he wants to find out what really went on. Here are his exact words, copied and pasted from the comments section.

Tim Naguire

Hello my name is Tim Maguire I own the shop no one else. I know you as a good customer and have no idea what happened or what your talking about.I would love to talk with you at your convenience about what is going on, please message me on fb or come by my name is Tim again please ask for me I would really like,to find out what is going on.

Tim maguire

I am Tim the owner of Remember Salem I’m not sure what happened but I know you were a great customer in my shop for a long time. I was told by my staff something that may not be true. Jimmy is a neighborhood guy who comes by and does janitor work at the shop he is not an owner. I would like to offer you a possible conversation I would really like to listen to you if there was an error made and what ever I can do to make this right for you, if my employees were incorrect and handled things that way there will be consequences for them. I am not happy with any of this I see you all the time I’m more than happy to talk with you you can call me any time [phone number]
OR please stop me on the street or come by let’s talk

Well… what was stopping him since June? He’s had numerous opportunities to stop me and ask me what happened. I’m not exactly easy to lose in a crowd and Salem’s most crowded moments is during October. I’d be more inclined to talk to him, except the police were called that day, and I frankly felt like I was punched in the gut.

Would I be incredibly stupid trying to meet him in the middle and possibly falling for something?



One thought on “On the Next Episode of Remember Salem

  1. Valkyrie

    I think he suddenly wants to make peace with you because you are now exposing his behavior on this blog.

    I take it he won’t discipline the employee involved in my debacle for giving his sister my home phone number in order to threaten me, because I was telling his family about his vague suicide talk.


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