I’m Winning… So I must be cheating

I haven’t been working on this blog as much. But I made a vow to myself two years ago that I would post an entry on the first of each month. I already wrote something for my author’s blog and as luck would have it, the perfect opportunity to remark upon the failures of humanity fell into my lap just a few moments ago.

I play Wordox on Facebook. I’m not going to waste a lot of time explaining it other than to say that it’s sort of similar to Upwords. Play the game and tell them I sent you.

Well, after nearly two years of not seeing this kind of behavior, out of nowhere I got accused by another player of cheating. This was a pretty mean spirited player to begin with. She was spiteful and some of her word entries were kind of nasty. She won the game, so I’m guessing based on her personality in the chatroom that she’s a Trump supporter, since she’s a crappy winner. (That’s as political as I get on this blog. Take it home with you an remember, if you post negative comments, I can delete them but I still have your hit recorded, so I still win)

I’ll never understand the mentality among gamers like this, but it’s been a thing since the earliest days of communal game play. If someone else is winning, they must be cheating. It can’t just be that someone might be better at the game than you are. They have to be cheating. That’s all there is to it.

Mind you, if they’re winning, they’re just good at the game. Or maybe they’ve been playing crappy players all this time and they just now met their match. Or maybe they’re cheating and they think that everyone else who wins must be cheating as well.

The cycle continues. To the player who accused me of using a “word solver” I hope training day at Walmart goes well for you.


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