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Forge of Empires

Yeah, I started playing that. What can I say, those TV ads are so compelling and I figure whatever I do with my library time is fair game.

This isn’t the most substantive blog post for a 1st of the month post, so here’s a rehash of my feelings in regards to the transgender bathroom bill.

I’ve peed in the women’s room. I’ve encouraged women to go into the men’s room, after I emerged to see someone in desperate need of the restroom and I knew for a fact that the men’s room was either empty, or full of people who couldn’t care less if someone went in there to pee.

The idea that sexual predators will deliberately have their bodies altered in such a dramatic way, just so they can get access to your children, is stupid. It is so incredibly brainless that I honestly hope the apples fall far from your particular tree.

Wow, 20 days is Unruly

I can’t believe I let twenty days go by without a post.

Take it as a good sign, if you will, that nothing of interest has happened that was so annoying that I would want to post it.

On the other hand, it is effing hot in this library. I know they can afford air conditioning, because they could afford to keep the place as hot as a greenhouse all winter. Maybe I’m wrong, but it stands to reason that if they can do the one, they can do the opposite. Feel free to educate me if you know better.

By the way, Survive by the Sword is free for one year. Click on the link to find the coupon code and download the book, free of charge. Then read it and review it, and of you’re very lucky, I might read you some of my poetry as a way of saying thank you.

A Blogging Blank (2)

Maybe the smart thing to do in this instance would be to write nothing. But if I have readers and I know I do, I don’t want them to think that I am bone dry.

Perhaps it’s a good sign. No news is bad news you haven’t heard about yet after all. On the coming Sunday, I will be at Todd Farms trying to make a teensy bit more money from the glass bottles I tried selling at the tag sale on Sunday. Between now and then, I am hoping to find some more stuff to flip, so that’s something I have to look forward too.

I’ve been trying to get John to write about the experience he had the last time we went to Todd Farms, which is in Rowley btw, but he does not hold grudges for as long as I do because he’s, what do they call it, uh, oh yeah: Well adjusted.

A Blogging Blank

Lets hope something mildly negative happens to me soon so that I can write about it.

On the plus side, I have my Mass Health enrollment to deal with. I was supposed to choose a provider 20 days from the day the letter was issued, which would have been fair if I had received the package containing the letter the very next day. I did not receive it until yesterday. Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday, which means as of Monday, I will have two days to sort out which coverage I need and who my primary health care provider will be.

Here’s why I feel a little cheated. I would have used the time constructively to find out which therapists in the North Shore area take what plans and that would have been my deciding factor as to what my final decision would be.

On Monday, the plan is to call someone at Mass Health and try to get an extension, since it was their clerical screw up that shaved so much time off my deadline.