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My Thoughts Go Out to Chennai, India

There has been a lot of media coverage of the flooding in Chennai. In this difficult time, when people are being gunned down in the streets by mad criminals (whatever their reason may be) I always want to keep in mind that suffering comes in all forms. And there are few things more humbling than when the forces of nature wipes away all that was important to you.

I’ve been fortunate that the natural disasters that have occurred near me have been minor. But I’ve also cringed in fear as I listened to reports of tornadoes in the vicinity of my loved ones. I watched a video of what happened to one friends’ house and I was glad that he had survived, but also grateful that it hadn’t happened to one of my brothers who were living not that far away.

So in that way, I am grateful to know there were people who have survived the flood, and hope that they will not have to struggle for long.

A small part of the reason I feel emotionally invested is that I have been getting a lot of blog traffic from India, of late. Mostly, they’ve been reading the one post about Sperm Donor Appreciation Day, but I appreciate all of my readers, whichever of my writings they choose to take a look at.

I’m not in much of a position to donate money, or offer something more substantial than words and prayers. But hopefully, raising awareness will inspire others to do what I cannot.

What Are you Waiting For, Boston?

I don’t usually do politically charged posts, but what the hell? Boston is also planning to raise the legal purchasing age for Tobacco products to 21. And as always, the main response is, “What, so an 18 year-old can vote and die for his country, but he can’t smoke?”

Right, couple of things. Unless that 18 year-old is wearing Army fatigues, or currently in basic training, he isn’t fighting for shit. And yes, he can vote, so that means he has ample opportunity to get his entitled ass down to Beacon Hill and vote against this bill so he can smoke his tiny little brains out.

I for one have nothing against raising the smoking age to 21, because I know for a fact that it won’t stop anyone from actually lighting up, regardless of their age. But it would be especially interesting to actually see if the people in charge of enforcing the law actually bother to check ID’s and write the tickets.

Better Than My Enemy

Over the next few months, I will hear things that bother me; in articles in the paper, discussions in the news, and conversations in public. My urge to throttle some people will be strong, but I will not act on that urge to condemn or to harm someone because of their personal beliefs.

When I was living Burlington, I had coworkers who were of the Muslim faith, or came from the Middle East. One of those coworkers worked at the same airport job, no less. The biggest threat either of them ever posed to me was when they would hog the employee microwave when I was trying to get some food into my system during my precious thirty to forty-five minute lunch break. Why am I making a joke about this? Because in the coming months, we are going to need to have a sense of humor. When and where it is appropriate will always be a matter of personal taste, but history has shown that those of us who can still find a reason to laugh are the ones who have the strongest grasp of the seriousness of the situation.

I will go on record as saying that I feel a great sense of sadness for those who still choose to pray in the direction of the East, because I know that while they don’t all share the extremist views of our Enemy, they will still be condemned by their equally extremist neighbors.

But I ask readers to consider this: Our Enemy is making war on our way of life, our belief system, and whatever it is that their own personal beliefs seem to justify making war on. If we make war against the entirety of the Muslim faith, as they make war against the entirety of the Christian faith, we are lowering ourselves to the mentality of our Enemy.

Make no mistake, this is a war. Our retribution should be with the mentality of punishing a group of terrorists for committing an act of war. If my Enemy attacks me and mine, I will do what is within my power to protect myself from that Enemy. But I will not attack the Enemy simply for his beliefs, because that is what will make me better.

Be Prepared to Pee in a Cup

All job ads should start with that, especially in the state of Massachusetts. Fortunately, years of saying no have prepared me for the numerous visits to pre-employment drug screenings and I shouldn’t have a problem. I even showed a little foresight in not taking my daily potassium supplement, because dietary supplements can cause a false positive test and I don’t even want to screw my chances of not winding up homeless again by even asking if it would be a wise idea.

My only other hope is that I get to go to the casting call on the 26th. It would be nice to work on a movie that I know people will see, even if I’m only going to be background noise.