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Another October Gone

And good riddance.

I think by now it’s clear that October was never meant to be my month in the town of Salem. The plus side for me is that I will start being a lot more genuine with people whom I made a strong effort to be genial with. They’ll have ignored me for so long that if they only notice me when they hate me, well, that’s on them. They had their chance.

The people who have been with me from day one and didn’t stab me in the back will be the only people I make time for. The rest can bite me.

All I know is that I want this year behind me as soon as possible. We have no way of knowing of ’17 will be any better, but tomorrow is always better simply because it exists. It’s a possibility. It’s never guaranteed, so naturally we appreciate it more when we receive it and it becomes the present.


Wrong Move, Sir

On my way home this afternoon, a man called my name.

White, fat, bald, tight blue shirt, sunglasses, about my height. I described him this way because this post is intended to be documentation as much as a recounting. The encounter took place about 12:30 PM of this date, outside of the Milk and Honey Grocery store on Church Street, Salem, MA.

He called my name and told me we needed to talk. I told him, “I don’t even know who you are.”

“Yeah you do,” he replied, crossing his arms and speaking in what I assume was meant to be an intimidating tone. “So lets talk.”

Naturally I responded to such aggressive behavior with complete submission and a meek reply of, “How may I help you?”  Not.

I said, “No, I don’t know who you are, and you need to leave me alone.”

“But Nathanielle,” you say. “Surely you were a little rude and probably did something to provoke such an encounter.”

The fact is I have Asperger’s Syndrome and am therefore completely ignorant of all social encounters (sarcasm, people, sarcasm) but if I were this man, the first thing I would have done to rectify the situation would be to clarify who I was and when it was that we officially encountered each other. That would have cleared up the confusion and allowed us to discuss business.

I should say up front that this man was neither Tim, nor Jim. But if this man is connected with the two in anyway, they’re within their rights to distance themselves from him with a quick remark. Maybe he had to do with Dickens being attacked last year, I don’t know. But what I do know is that the people who witnessed this encounter were more concerned with his behavior than with my own.

So as I said, this post is as much about documenting the incident as it is about telling you all what happened.


Tim approached me the other night. Apparently, he got the short end of the stick. As I’ve said before, I’ve had enough of those experiences that I accept that he doesn’t always get the whole story when he’s not present. I accepted his apology.

Jim, if I’m being honest, will have to cough up a kidney at this stage, assuming he’ll even apologize for humiliating me, giving me dirty looks since that day, and, oh yeah, threatening me. I accept that Tim can’t control the behavior of his employees when they are off the clock and out of the store, but if there’s one thing the current presidential campaign teaches us it’s that words and actions can’t just be erased by an apology.

Jim also had plenty of time to clear things up. But if his first reaction to misinformation is to become aggressive and violent towards people before he knows the facts, then it’s only a matter of time before he does it again to someone who is a bit more influential. I’m just a second rate blogger and a first rate kisser, but Salem is still a popular place and we do get people with a slightly larger Twitter following and contrary to popular opinion, there really is such a thing as bad publicity. Ask Bill Cosby if you disagree.

So in closing, I do accept Tim’s apology. I am not going to alter any of the things I’ve written in the past six months. I will retract most of the reviews I posted on the travel sites, but my blog and my videos will remain as a constant reminder that Rome may not have been built in a day, but it was destroyed pretty damned quickly.

The real victim at the end of all this was still the dog.

On the Next Episode of Remember Salem

I honestly don’t know what to think about this. To understand it, I need to post this link to my blog about the incident that happened in June. I’ve tried to put it behind me, but there’s another incident that happened recently. I’m sorry, I’m not spamming, I swear.…/this-is-how-…/

Now, after circling each other and essentially snapping and growling, the owner, Tim Maguire, sent me a friend request on Facebook allegedly claiming that he wants to find out what really went on. Here are his exact words, copied and pasted from the comments section.

Tim Naguire

Hello my name is Tim Maguire I own the shop no one else. I know you as a good customer and have no idea what happened or what your talking about.I would love to talk with you at your convenience about what is going on, please message me on fb or come by my name is Tim again please ask for me I would really like,to find out what is going on.

Tim maguire

I am Tim the owner of Remember Salem I’m not sure what happened but I know you were a great customer in my shop for a long time. I was told by my staff something that may not be true. Jimmy is a neighborhood guy who comes by and does janitor work at the shop he is not an owner. I would like to offer you a possible conversation I would really like to listen to you if there was an error made and what ever I can do to make this right for you, if my employees were incorrect and handled things that way there will be consequences for them. I am not happy with any of this I see you all the time I’m more than happy to talk with you you can call me any time [phone number]
OR please stop me on the street or come by let’s talk

Well… what was stopping him since June? He’s had numerous opportunities to stop me and ask me what happened. I’m not exactly easy to lose in a crowd and Salem’s most crowded moments is during October. I’d be more inclined to talk to him, except the police were called that day, and I frankly felt like I was punched in the gut.

Would I be incredibly stupid trying to meet him in the middle and possibly falling for something?


Jim and Tim: You’re Just as Accountable as I

Tim Maguire, the owner of Remember Salem, is confused. He seems to remember a second incident when I was escorted from his store, but the police only have one record of such an incident. So clearly this was a case of mistaken identity, but he’s too far in now to back out. Maybe he things apologizing will make him seem weak?

I now know the name of the star of this post: James Jacobs.

James seems perfectly comfortable, threatening me with assault, in public, while tourists and potential customers are in earshot.

The police got involved once again, however this time, James must have been in the wrong because the responding officer gave me his name and encouraged me to file a complaint against the threats.

I won’t go into more detail here. But suffice it to say, the kid gloves are now off.

The shop owners in this town have come to think that they are royalty, above the law and free of judgment. You, or someone you love, may become a victim of one of their whims, and my intent here is to have a record of the incidents in question as protection to myself and to anyone who may plan their next visit to the “City of Peace”.

Businesses and industries have come and gone in Salem throughout the previous century. Remember Salem and all of the shop owners on Essex Street are no different and should take care to remember that.

The Salem Witch Trial

Shop owner and local celebrity Lorelei may yet be responsible for the first genuine Salem Witch Trial. Read the article, please. It will not only save me time, but you won’t be able to say I manipulated facts just to make a point.

Now that you’ve read the article (Boy, I just love the honor system) let me take you back in time to when Charlie Sheen had such a huge meltdown, it will continue to generate memes, forum signatures, and Twitter feeds for decades to come. During the course of this breakdown, Sheen made some comments in a radio interview that the Wiccan community blew out of proportion.

At the center of the Wiccan community was Christian Day, another local celebrity and respected business owner in Salem and New Orleans. He decided he was going to have a séance to help Mr. Sheen get through his period of darkness, and I’m fine with that. Everyone says a prayer or lights a candle for someone in the media once in a while. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t feel the need to tell our local Fox News station about it. At that point, especially when they posted copies of the website’s article in the windows of Hex and Omen, it stopped being about cleansing and healing and started being about publicity.

Lorelei is a close friend of Christian Day. Now if you’ve read the article (Honor system. Gotta love that honor system) you know that she apparently decided that she can order the Salem Police Department around. It’s funny, because I thought that was Chief Butler’s job, but apparently being a shop owner and being a big draw for tourists gives you some chutzpah. It would explain the behavior of other shop owners I could mention. The difference being that the police actually arrested her for causing a disturbance, after they asked her to knock it off, and she challenged them to do such.

Then, as she’s being “bodily” forced into the back of the car, she tells her friend and coworker, “Get this on video and send it to Fox News!” Oh, and she apparently had an asthma attack in the backseat of the car. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the shock of realizing that witches can only command people to do their bidding in the movies.

Instead of paying the $150 dollar fine for causing a disturbance, she has demanded that this be taken to trial.

I, for one, hope they rub her nose in it. (Which only be funny to you, if you read the article. Seriously, I posted the link, there’s no excuse at this point.)